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Has anyone else noticed the amount shown in ACTIVE ORDERS is no longer correct?


It looks like now the amount of money shown in my Active Orders, in the upper right corner of the Earnings page, it not accurate now.

It used to show the amount of orders waiting to enter into pending clearance after the 3 days waiting period but now it shows more than what is the actual amount.


Hmm, I haven’t noticed… I guess the biggest mistake I make is that I don’t check my earnings page, and I fully trust Fiverr to properly manage them for me. Maybe I should start checking them…


It is showing correct in the my active orders. Maybe it’s just you! :confused:


Yes, me too. And for all this trust now Fiverr again thinks I´m a :robot:. :wink:

What I have noticed though recently is, that it doesn´t show the correct number of orders in my queue since a week or so now, it always shows -1 than I actually have.