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Has anyone ever been met with such a problem?

Hello community

On the September, 28th 2020, I did Order #FO4EDC547584

The client completed the order and I was informed that I had earned the amount.

However, the same earnings did not appear in the “pending clearance” category. In inquired from fiverr support on the issue and was asked to wait for the usual 14 days to see whether the funds will reflect in my earnings.

I waited patiently, and after 14 days normally set for clearance, contacted support on the same issue, it is now 3 days since the 14 days lapsed but I have not been assisted even after incessantly contacting fiverr support.

Has anyone ever been met with such a problem?

How did you deal with it?

Kindly assist


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Have you already opened a ticket with Customer Support?

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I think it’s because of bug.

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you have to make sure that when your work deliverd successfully . Usually it takes 3 days to be done the de3livary & 14 days to get payment .

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Already been assisted
Thanks Fiverr

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I seem to have a problem with my account
one day ago, a buyer sent me a task without communicating with me. I did not send any offer nor accept to work on order #FO177D41ED43
As you will see
I even tried to ask the client how he/she placed the order but did not succeed
Kindly explain how it was possible for her to send an offer and it be allowed yet I did not communicate

This has now affected my completion rate

So to start with: we are all buyers and sellers on the forum and we are not customer support and we can not see anything on your personal account.

Further: that’s how fiverr works. You have 4 gigs open and with those gigs anyone can place an order without discussing it with you. I would suggest for you to familiarise yourself with how fiverr works.

That’s an interesting one and I don’t recall anyone else on the forum having the same problem. Unfortunately you will have to wait for fiverr CS to investigate it and you shouldn’t send a lot of messages To them as it will only slow down things. Are you sure it didn’t appear in your “available for withdrawal tab”?

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