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Has anyone ever done this?

Has anyone ever emailed Fiverr support and asked how their day was? Could I get my account suspended for doing this lol


They deserve it but I wouldn’t do it XD They make take it the wrong way

No offence, it’s not a Facebook. If I was a Fiverr stuff I would like to suspend that user’s id who have send this type of ticket.

lol, I am sure they won’t give a reply because I believe they have a lot on their plate. A customer care job is not an easy job. Regards to them though.

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Warning! Your account will be suspended! :smile: :smile: :smile:

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No, you should not do that because this can be annoying.

If you send them a message saying something like
"first of all, this is not a ticket for a complaint or anything, I just wanted to say hi and also thank you everyone in the Fiverr team that you are all doing a great job. This is the only way I can contact CS, so please forgive me if you feel like I’m wasting your time, but I just wanted to say I really appreciate it. Please tell everyone in CS that your hard work is appreciated!"

I get the feeling they won’t get angry. Personally I won’t mind if I was the CS staff and got a message like this!

If it was just hi, how are you though, it might be a different story. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t think so. Btw, it depends on how a person expresses the ticket. And, I’m pretty sure, Fiverr stuff are polite enough to replay a welcome message and tell 'em not to do this again! :sunny:

You could just use your psychic powers to find out how their day was so that you don’t need to email them to find out.


very funny:laughing:

It’s a nice thought but imagine if you got that message from some random person in your inbox.


I doubt they would suspend, but it does make work for them. Someone would get assigned that ticket, have to read it, and then mark it otherwise their system would leave it like an open ticket. (Support staff have to mark tickets as finished.)

That said, every time I interact with them for an issue, I thank them and let them know how much I appreciate their time/attention.

That way it’s in context for their assistance.

Not much different than a random buyer sending you a message asking how your day was. (Not something I’d want, since I have to respond in some way, and don’t know why they are asking…)

In theory an email be sent directly to the support email address (assuming it doesn’t block it, and it set up to receive it) without raising a ticket.