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Has anyone ever had an experience like this?

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read this rant. Have any of you ever had an experience like this?

A buyer places an order without providing the materials and tells me to wait until he has them, my gig was set to two days for delivery. I waited patiently and when the timer reached the 34th hour, that is 8hours before delivery, I sent a cancellation notice to the individual also stating that when he receive the files he can place the order again. The buyer declines in about an hr or so later and says it is coming now, I waited 2 more hours then sent a cancellation notice and restated that they can place the order again later once they get the materials. 21hours later the buyer declines the cancellation notice and says “hold on” , I (being furious now), told him, once again place the order when the materials are ready. A few hours later, the buyer cancels again and sends the order into late status, uploads the file. I cancel and told him, I won’t be able to work on it for him ( Out of principle, I just wasn’t working on this at any point. ). 35 cancellation requests and declines later (and chatting with Fiverr support) , the order was finally cancelled by Fiverr Support (Many thanks to them!). The buyer turns around and places another order. A few more attempted cancellations later as well as declines, Fiverr support cancels the order once again. The buyer then turns around and creates a new account and places yet another order and still refuses the cancellations, I had no idea these sorts of people existed. Anyways, once again, I am contacting Fiverr support.

So, have any of you ever experienced this?

That is really great you got nice help from fiverr support… You should complain against him to ban his id foreverr as he is disturbing you… I believe fiverr staff will take the necessary step.

Also try to discuss with your client, why he is doing that…

Thanks very much for your suggestion. Trust me, I tried, but it’s just impossible with this guy.

I have to wonder if he’s not a competitor… trying to mess with you and your cancellation ratio… JMO

dfenty said: The buyer then turns around and creates a new account....

My sixth sense is that it’s because your animated intro gig is too unique on Fiverr, and it grabs your competitors’ attention. A normal buyer won’t need to create multiple accounts…

By competitors, I mean those using pirated VideoHive templates with no real talents. They just want to ruin your gig or annoy you.

That may possibly be so as both accounts he used to purchase the gigs for were created within the last two months. The newest one this month, the other in June. As a VideoHive author myself, I find those persons who pirate the templates very distasteful, no sense of morality what so ever.