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Has anyone ever purchased Seo gigs that actually work?

Please don’t post your gig here I’m not interested and anybody promoting themselves I’m only interested in people who are purchased SEO gigs on fiverr that I’ve actually worked and they have shown they worked from the websites they own actually going up her rankings. I’m so tired of seeing BS posts on fiverr of people promoting their gigs.

Don’t promote your gig on this, unless you have actually purchased a gig on fiverr that you have seen great results with, don’t post anything!!

Simply no, if you’re referring those bookmarking or backlinks gigs. They even hurt your ranking by spamming your links. Gigs that are also useless include most Facebook or Twitter promotion and website traffic gigs. Sadly there are just too many ignorant buyers.

These gigs may be good for you as more buyers will go to your link detox gig when they realize there are some problems. (Just joking :smiley: )

Common sense - if any company can rank their website using SEO gigs on Fiverr for $5 or a little more, Google Adwords won’t survive. Neither does Facebook ads.