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Has anyone ever received a forum notification yet?


When you click on My Activity, I click on notifications and see “You do not have any notifications yet.” What types of notifications can we get?

Maybe the sheriff’s know. @madmoo? @oldbittygrandma?


No notifications yet


me neither.


I think fiverr forum use Vanilla form platform. have to check if they has that feature or just a bug, I’m getting email notification when some one post on my discussion. but not getting notification on forum


The notifications are for alerts when you follow a certain thread. By default Vanilla sends email and notifications to you when there are new posts/activity on the threads you follow.


It is if you follow a thread. Will notify you when someone responds. I have some already.


No yet :frowning:


Lots of emails ?


Yeah I’ll skip on this one then if you dont mind :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Hey OBG, I thought if someone violates the rules, our trusty sheriffs let them know in bold :wink: They also get a notification. You sheriffs are doing great.