Has anyone ever received an order by advertising in the Forum?


Since Fiverr has allowed us to advertise our gigs by using the Forum, I was wondering if it has brought sales to anyone.


It absolutely has!

One order was a direct result of an advertisement, while some of my other orders were from sellers who became aware of my services, and with whom I later chatted on other threads. I guess the advertisement itself wasn’t the only catalyst, but once they knew that I offered the services, and after I had spoken with them in other threads, they remembered they could come to me for a particular kind of thing.


Okay that’s great, good to know that it does actually help.


yes, Josh is right. I got one of my best customers from when I was new to fiverr and posted to the forum about my gig.


Just as long as your advertisements are posted in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section. :wink:


Yes of course, Just wondering since I am using it to advertise mine


I actually ordered a gig from someone, and I found that person here at the forum,
so yes, as long as you have good gigs, you can get orders I believe :smiley:


Yes, definitely. I have a couple of “occasional” regular buyers from the forum and I’ve probably had 10-15 single sales because of the forum. That said, I’ve only advertised on the forum a handful of times. The forum has one advantage in that Google indexes it, so if you write an ad that is extremely good, you might catch a buyer that way. My buyers still haven’t really come from the forum ads I’ve done. I chat with others about my areas of expertise sometimes, not as an advertisement, but because I enjoy chatting. I’ve also shown some of my skills through explaining things on the forum.

The buyers that have found me through the forum seem to have found me through meaningful conversation here more than from ads in My Fiverr Gigs. I don’t think a random post or a mass-posting in MFG does much for anyone. If the gigs aren’t extremely well crafted the chances of getting a sale from the forum is less than you would get from random fiverr.com searches.


ok thanks for the honesty


I haven’t advertised my services here in a very long time, but sometimes people have approached me and referred to a post I made here. And some have made purchases too.


I never tried it. Can somebody help me how to advertise on forum?


oh wow that’s great!


create a new topic and post your gig in the category my fiverr gigs which is exclusively for advertising your gigs


if you want to discuss your gig it should be posted in Improve my gig.


Thanks for helpful tips.