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Has anyone ever used Pinterest to market their gigs and receive orders?

I recently discovered that pinterest is a great way to advertise online business (I know I am late), so I was wondering if anyone on Fiverr has ever done so and been successful?


No I had no Idea, but this is a great idea, thanks. I actually started today advertising myself with something called Go that google started it, only cheaper. I started seeing more traffic to my page here within 24 hours, better then any add’s I used before. I will check Pinterest and will let me know if it helps.

Blessings :slight_smile:

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gmanasseh, I just created the add on pinterest only to realize that I did that with my marketing system. So lets see if this one works better :slight_smile: nothing from the marketing since April 2018 :(…

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thanks man for phenomenal idea

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I actually Provide services for Pinterest Marketing It is a very nice idea to Promote your gigs via this method. Because as per facts there are 400 Million Monthly Active users for Pinterest. This Can be very useful if you know proper Keyword and Hashtag Research and Your Pins Image is unique and you know strategies for ranking your PIN then it will drive a floodgate of traffic to your gig.

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