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Has anyone every experienced this?

Hello all! I am really new to the selling side of Fiverr. I have been on this platform for a long time as a buyer using it for logos and designs for some of my older companies and it’s been great.

Here in recent times of me starting some gigs and trying to get traction for more customers, I have been having some real troubles.

I will design something for the client based exactly on their requirements for the design and have been getting a lot of cancellations.

My theory is that it is a competitor in the same area trying to damage my gig and profile reputation.

I’m super respectful, I deliver fast, I do not miss communications sent by clients, and get to them almost immediately if I’m awake.

The first client that canceled I had made around 5-6 revisions on 5 different designs and no matter how many revisions I made exactly as he wanted he was not happy. He canceled the order by telling me he took my designs and remade the designs I sent him on his own. Then the very next day someone else sent me a message wanting almost the same exact type of designs the previous person wanted.

What can you do about scammers and spammers just looking to steal your ideas and hurt your reputation by canceling after you show them your work?


Its pretty annoying , i feel you . But to be honest i highly doubt any seller would do such a thing to any one’s gig . Order cancellations are bound to happen , no matter how perfect you are . You just have to forget these bad events and move on . We all had such buyers , no matter you give them whole universe they wont be happy , i suppose its in their nature and they are super perfectionists . So move on , do not dwell on such events and only you know your caliber and your worth . I had one seller , i provided him 17 revisions , as it was 750 usd order ,still it got cancelled .It is what it is , you cannot please every one no matter how skillful you are. Just move on i suggest :slight_smile:


In my opinion you are selling services at way below the market rate.

You are offering T-shirt designs for $10, which is $8 after Fiverr commission.

$8 in the UK, where I live, is £5.90. The hourly minimum wage in the UK is £8.72.

A decent t-shirt design will surely take you at least an hour to complete.

You are therefore selling a skilled service at way below the lowest legal rate for an unskilled worker.

This is why you are attracting scammers. They smell the desperation.

I can understand that. I had my services lower to build up a client base with some reviews. I did have one client say that my prices were too low and I kinda stepped back like wait you are complaining because my prices are lower than competitors ?

It’s not too much desperation. I have 5 websites and manage websites on the side along with these little fiverr gigs.

I only need to make $32 a day on average to pay all my monthly bills.

Thank you and I suppose you are right. I upped my prices on my listings per some other comments I have received. I want to be competitive and I only need $32 dollars a day to pay all my bills. I figured I wouldn’t have as many problems as it seems I have been having. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond with these comments. I will focus on what I can focus on and keep trucking