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Has anyone gotten this message before?

I put my very first listing in Fiverr just a few days ago, and I believe this is a scam message. How do I report it? I’m very new to Fiverr and am still learning the ropes, thank you!
scam maybe

Yeah you need to report this asap, don’t bother interacting with this person. The’report’ option should be an option above the message.


Thank you so much for replying so quickly! I haven’t even opened the message here on the website, the SS is from the email I got for it. Going to report now!


It’s a pleasure. For future reference, if someone is trying to communicate off Fiverr from the onset, respond by letting them know that you cannot do that as it is against Fiverr’s terms of service.

The only times I’ve given out my email address is when a client needed it for the non-disclosure agreement and another client couldn’t open the delivered work on Fiverr (he kept getting a blank document) so I had no other option.

But those are very rare and exceptional cases and I continued to communicate with the buyers on Fiverr. So just be careful; you will encounter lots of people who want to communicate off this platform and that is against the rules so just don’t risk it.