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Has anyone had any issues using payoneer [am affraid my first experience using fiverr revenue card may involves loosing nearly 1000$]

a few days a go i withdrew about 950$ through payoneer first i did a test withdraw for 40$ that went through ok and used it to order the debit card, when i received the card i thought everything is great and should start using payoneer for my withdraws, so i withdrew all my balance, its about 4 days now and have not received the money in my payoneer account, i contacted fiverr support and they confirmed that the transfer was successful on there side and told me to contact payoneer support i did.

they said they would get back to me after i sent all screenshots they requested including my conversation with fiverr support, i just contacted them again to day to follow up and they asked me to contact fiverr support again, am afraid my first experience using fiverr revenue card may involves loosing nearly 1000$,

has anyone experienced this before, was it solved?


Never faced any such issue, using payoneer for 16 months… I am happy with their service, will be curious to know what exactly happened…

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am sure fiverr would not be using them if they din’t trust them, but its alot of money and am no not sure how to proceed, because fiverr supports says there is not much they can do after the transfer is done, i contacted payoneer on thursday am not sure if saturday and sunday where counted in the days i was told to wait

Wait for 2-3 days more, hopefully you will get your money.