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Has anyone had luck with "seasonal" or themed gigs?


Hi Fiverr!

I just put up a very themed type of gig,

and I’m curious if anyone else has ever done seasonal gigs for Christmas or Halloween ( or any other holiday, season), or with a specific theme vs a general “do anything you request” and if so if you had a good response? Or is it better to leave it simply at buyers request?




I have done seasonal gigs. Some did OK and some didn’t. Since it’s not just early for Halloween, it’s not even near that season and the gig description indicates the gig is clearly available year-round, I am guessing the motive for this post is more likely not-so-subtle self-promotion in the incorrect forum category. It sure isn’t a Fiverr story. Good luck, but I would suggest moving the post to “My Fiverr Gigs.”


Reworded, as no, it was not for self promotion, but a genuine question.


Reply to @jenniscott: No offense intended, just called it as it looked. Your updated question is more specific for me that makes it easier to advise you. Experimenting is one of the best things you can do on Fiverr. I started out with some very vague gigs trying to make them look a little like some of the best selling gigs. I had some success early on but it sure wasn’t an explosion.

Later I tried to think about what makes me different. I tried to keep some of the parts I saw on featured gigs like specific gig descriptions, clear explanations of what people get for $5, and clear revision policies. Then I tried to start crafting other areas to fit my style.

For example, I discovered that when I wrote blog posts, I had a tendency to add a brief “story” to the posts to make them come off personal. My buyers liked that my small personal touch made it clear they were original and they were written by a real person with life experience. Pretty soon, I had people asking for those personal stories. I started tweaking my gig descriptions to make that part stand out a little and I’m still not done after months of tweaking.

On the other hand another experiment I tried in a research gig got nothing. Mine was the only gig like it on Fiverr and it got LOTS of impressions, but zero orders. I tweaked it a few times, updated the images and considered making a video, but eventually I realized that particular offer was just not in demand here.

Over time, I learned to also always keep a catch-all gig up. A “custom gig” that is deliberately vague and non-themed but encourages people to message me if they like my profile but don’t see a gig that matches their exact need. It’s just as important for me to keep a few gig slots open for experiments. You can sub in seasonal gigs, sure, but also themes, new ideas, “fun and bizarre” stuff, or anything else that you think of at 2AM! Sometimes you’ll try something and it just flies. In the middle can be the gigs that are just old “stand bys” and sell moderately but consistently. I am quite sure other sellers could add to that a lot, especially those who have been here long than I have, but that’s my take on it.