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Has Anyone had Problems Verifying their Phone?

Call me paranoid but before I do this phone verification thing, has anyone suffered any problems or bugs with this so far?

I can’t remember if I gave Fiverr a phone number when I joined but if I did it was certainly not the phone which I use today. In this case, before I click to verify my number, I want to make sure that a notification message isn’t going to be sent to a 3-years dead phone number in a different country.

ALSO… I have a potentially big problem with this. In Malta, there are only 3 mobile phone companies, Go, Melita, and Vodafone. No one uses Vodafone as coverage is patchy and you need to mortgage your first born child in order to make calls to non-Vodafone numbers which is a pain as everyone uses either Go or Melita.

The problem here is that neither Go or Melita are serviced outside of Malta. i.e. If I leave the country my phone won’t connect to any network to make or receive calls or texts at all. This being the case, after verifying is there a way to change your telephone number in future? - Or should I just invest in a cheap Vodafone to avoid the hassle?

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That’s what happens when you use VPN.

Sorry, are you accusing me of using a vpn or just missing my entire question and going off on your own tangent?

There have been some problems reported, for varying reasons, but most of us have managed fine.

Have you got a landline? You can verify by voice or text.

You can change your phone number after verifying - there is an option available for that.

I don’t think phone numbers have ever been asked for before, so you should be alright with not having an out of date one on file.

I hope it works for you - good luck! :slight_smile:


Worked for me, all done :slight_smile:

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When you click to verify your phone it asks you to input your mobile number and then a text is sent to you with a code. You then input the code and that is that. Simple!


Thank you, that’s exactly what I was hoping to hear.


I didn’t have any issues. You enter your phone number throughout the process. This might help. As you can read most of the regulars didn’t experience any issues :wink:


If you had tried you would have known that you need to insert a New number and whatever number you gave earliar (if you gave) has nothing to do with it.
And its a 30 seconds process.
I am not accusing you of something but i certainly had a doubt.

He is ACTUALLY located in Malta.

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Well, all verified now. Thanks everyone, even the blue person from Avatar for his VPN comment.


There are so many people using VPN and raise same type of queries. Its obvious to doubt.

Oh, you old skeptic you! :wink:

This might help you. Fiverr "Verify Now" Mobile verification button is not working

I might agree with this if he was writing in broken English and saying he was born and raised in Kansas, but I’m pretty sure Andy (cyaxrex) is genuinely in Malta.

Along with the other responses, most of the people who are just ordinary sellers with accounts in good standing haven’t had issues. I did mine by mobile but I know people have done it via SMS and landline without a hitch. It seems to be a small number having issues and some of them may be using VPN or just have other account issues. :slight_smile:


I think phone verification if the future of passwords. For example, Lyft hasn’t given me a password, every time I want to log on, I input my e-mail and they text a number to my mobile phone. It’s annoying, but at least it’s one password I don’t have to remember.

It’s also less annoying than the companies that demand passwords with one upper letter, one number, and one symbol (!, %, etc).

To answer your question, I didn’t have a problem. I think most people have mobile phones, although I don’t think phone verification should be mandatory.

If you don’t have a mobile phone there is an option to use a landline phone and they will call you with the code.

Heh just had to check, no phone verification or virtual phone gigs yet!
Edit: spoke too soon, there are already virtual phone number for phone verification gigs on fiverr.