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Has anyone had this happen before?

So I delivered a gig on time about 2 days ago then about 5 min ago the person added an extra and it’s now automatically late. Is there a way to prevent this or will this not hurt me since I wasn’t late and have only had the extra added for a few minutes? They just wanted to order my services again, so it’s not related to the original order, I’m assuming they did it this way so they won’t have another .50 fee.

Hi… Mutual cancellation and expose it to C.S. it’s the way, if the customer proceeds like this.

Thanks! I requested mutual cancellation and I’m going to contact customer support because she has ordered two other gigs now and I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not but either way I want to know how to prevent this or let them know this can be done so hopefully they can fix the issue.

Yes, this happens, fiverr still need to fix some issues like this one, they are working on a lot of things, so the best thing to do is to ask for cancelation and explain to the seller why, and ask him to make a new order, and for the fee they can’t avoided even if they just add the xtra on the same order.

contact customer support, tell him about it and good luck :slight_smile: %%-

Hi, can someone explain the possible reasons why when an order is delivered it could take the buyer some time or even forever to accept his/her delivery? It happened to me a few days ago and i’m only wondering if he has seen his order or not… i’ve even messaged him yet no response.

Reply to @carol_smith: buyers are not like sellers, they don’t stay on the website all the time, they just make an order and logout to continue their business, it happens to me alot, sometimes they never come back and never accept it, I just wait 3 days and the order will be completed automatically.

don’t worry about it, just continue delivring quality work and always be nice with your buyers to avoid negative ratings, Good luck :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I run into problems with stuff like this and it’s often not the customers fault. They don’t always know wha’st late… they just look at the “Average days” and assume that the clock is ticking down to the average (which it’s not… it’s clicking down to a deadline).

Add to that, the “modify request” really means “please click to have the seller fix a problem.” In other words, what fiverr presents to the buyer often promotes confusion. What works for me is just to drop the customer a note and explain that any additional work would be part of a different order as you already met the scope of the existing order.

Also, when doing a mutual cancellation, it’s always a good idea to drop them a message first. Then followup with a mutual cancellation. For whatever reason, many buyers seem to miss the text associated with a cancellation. Not to mention, they often respond negatively and you might lose a potentially good customer. Sending a message first seems to lessen potential buyer frustration.

My 2 cents.

Thanks everyone! I did contact customer service and they let me know there is nothing that can be done to prevent it at this time and that if the customer is alright with another deadline then it won’t count against me. Although I did keep getting something popping up about it hurting me by 10%, I’m not sure what the exact message was and it’s no longer there so maybe it doesn’t hurt me. I’m still pretty new to fiverr, just a little over 2 months, so I’m definitely still learning parts of the system. But I don’t think she’s doing it intentionally and probably doesn’t know it would mark it as late (since I didn’t either) although I haven’t been able to get a hold of her in days.

If this is a potential repeat buyer, it might be worth finishing and delivering their extra anyway even if it will make you late. You don’t want to risk losing business and getting bad reviews. At very least contact the buyer before you cancel.