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Has anyone had this problem

You have been working on fiverr for a very Long time with your gig usually being very high on the search list and suddenly, some OTHER new persons gig comes in and pushes your gig to the last page.(Not trying to be rude in anyway but it’s unfair how people have been on fiverr for so Long with a well maintained gig suddenly being pushed down by a new guy with no orders or barely any click and impressions.

  • This has happened to me
  • No my gig is still normal
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This doesn’t apply to me btw This just happened to a friend of mine and he wanted me to find out if this happened

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Why are you posting polls for every complaint that you have?

It’s also worth noting that Fiverr is not being unfair to you. The Fiverr search algorithm is designed to give brand new sellers a short burst of visibility at the top of search results – to help them get started as sellers here on Fiverr. During this pandemic, so many new sellers have been flocking to this site that, I believe, the algorithm can’t keep up. It likely wasn’t designed to accommodate such a deluge of new sellers (people who lost their jobs during the pandemic, and think they can start new careers on Fiverr).

New sellers are coded to have their fair share of time at the top of the search results, and for that to happen – with so many new sellers, older sellers get pushed into the algorithm rotation more often. This isn’t Fiverr’s fault. This just is the state of our global culture right now. No one is guaranteed any specific search engine placement. If you aren’t seeing the kind of on-site visibility that you want, then perhaps now is a good time to start marketing your gigs on your own – instead of expecting the flooded Fiverr search system to provide all of your sales and success.

The only person who can make you successful is you. Take actions to overcome the flood of new sellers. Bring in your own customers, and give the search algorithm a reason to favor your top-performing gigs.


Any marketplace will give new sellers a chance. That’s good PR for the marketplace to show that they care about those sellers.

This is a free market. Fiverr is going to do what is best for their business objectives, not what is best for you. And your success here doesn’t change that.

It may not make sense to you why gigs aren’t arranged by success, but I assure you Fiverr wouldn’t do it unless it supported their objectives.

By the way, this is the most biased poll I’ve ever seen.


I’ve never bothered to search for my own gigs, so: Don’t know. Don’t care.

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate on a daily basis.”

This can be found here, under Gig Status, in the second drop-down.