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Has anyone heard of ***?

I hope this is the right place to post this. This guy **** is asking if he can remote access peoples computers for money. I dont trust it. Figured I would let others know. Never allow someone you dont know to remote access your computer. Easy way to get viruses and malware.

MOD NOTE: User name removed from post

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Thanks for your post, it can be handy to warn others of scams, but please do not post details such as user names etc on the forum.

If you have not done so already - please report the user and/or message customer service about it.

To anyone who gets a request like this from fiverr or pretty much anywhere - please don’t give remote access to your computer to ANYONE who is a stranger on the internet.


Thank you por posting, it is better not to work outside fiverr chatbox, that will help both of you.

But malware can also be transferred from files, the files that users will send you

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I didnt realize that it was against the rules thank you for the heads up.

He was trying to have me download some files, but also he is using discord to talk instead of on here.

Please keep ALL chat/messages to the fiverr platform. Communication outside of fiverr can lead to you losing your account. Even if you client asks to talk elsewhere, just say no and keep the messaging to the fiverr messaging system.


That is against fiverr TOS