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Has anyone here tried uploading a PDF to showcase their gig?

Hi everyone,

I just now thought I’d try to test out the upload pdf as part of one of my gigs as I often think my gigs require a lot of description but there isn’t any room with 1200 characters.

Anyway I tried it and it was approved instantly it seemed. It was 10 page pdf and shows as a scrollable pdf in the image area but none of the hyperlinks were clickable inside it. I only seemed to have 4 of the pages actually show though.

Has anyone else tried it?


I had NO idea the PDFs were scrollable! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Well actually I have uploaded some of my sample work for one of my gigs! But not tried adding an extended description! Seems like a good idea to me! :slight_smile:

I think its important that people click on the “Full Screen” button top right as then they can scroll through the PDF.

You can look at this gig of mine:

On the 5th image under the video it’s actually a PDF. But best to click on the “Full Screen” button top right.


Reply to @dilshands: Sometimes we need extended descriptions, it depends on the gig.