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Has anyone noticed the increased offsite scammers?

Maybe it’s just the type of gig I do, but in jingle production, I get non-stop messages from different new accounts about work that requires speaking to me offsite. I probably get about 50% spam messages, and my account is pretty active. Didn’t know if everyone else is dealing with the same problems in this amount.


I also received two scam messages last day, and they wanted to explain their jobs via ■■■■■. I think “yes” it has increased.

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@shakila315 what gig catagory do you offer if you don’t mind me asking? Wondering if it’s secluded to certain types or if it’s widespread

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I have received scam messages for my gigs in Writing & Translation, Programming & Tech categories.

I have received scam messages for my gigs in Programming & Tech categories eCommerce website development platform.