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Has anyone noticed the new search gig feature!

Has anyone noticed the new search gig feature, where buyer can easily sort Gigs based on Sellers level, delivery time, and seller’s Language.

I believe now only top rated sellers will get all the sales as buyers can easily sort them. Also new sellers will not even get a chance to showcase their skills and Level one and Level Two sellers will experience a drastic drop on sales. Atleast I am experiencing this :-S . Whats your take on this new feature, Fiverr Community. Is it Good OR Bad.

Yes, I’m also experiencing a drop in sales like never before and the only explanation I can think of is this new search feature.

If I thought the Star rating was a bad idea this is even worse. I think I can survive the new rating system but not this. I mean who in their right mind would choose no level, Level 1 or 2 Sellers over TRS? If they could at least replace the level search thing with something else like…number of orders in queue or I don’t know…something that could be good for all of us. I just hope they won’t leave it like this because I think there won’t be any reason left for us to stay here anymore.

Reply to @elinora: Absolutely true.

As a buyer, I really enjoy the new filters because what site doesn’t offer filters for searching services like this? As a seller, it is quite worrying and I just have to hope that since my transcription rate is slightly better than the TRS and Level 2’s, I can get some new buyers. For now, I’ll just have to rely on my regulars which is fine by me.