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Has anyone noticed the requirements section on gigs is missing?

My buyer just told me there is no requirements section but her order started anyway.

I checked my gigs and it’s still there…

This started right after the maintenance.


Yes I’m having the same problem… don’t know what to do

I sent a ticket to cs about it and see that that has some changes too, and we cant see open tickets, or have a way to see previous activity now. There is a message not to send multiple tickets so that is a good thing.

I am hoping that there will be a message posted about these changes in the forum soon.

@sarine97 Sarine are you in vacation mode? You don’t have any gigs.

lol no im a buyer not a seller
I didn’t realized you said “my buyer” I thought you were the buyer lol so were having the same problem but reversed

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Oh I see, thank you!

@sarine97 Were you able to see a requirements section at all on an order?

No I wasn’t. I accepted the offer and paid, usually the next step would be to submit the requirements but it didn’t give me the chance to submit it. Then at the top of the screen it said “please submit requirements to start the order” and theres a box beside it that says provide requirements but when you click it it takes you to the bottom of the screen which says “the requirements were submitted” but I definitely didn’t submit requirements and there’s nothing there.


That’s what my buyer tonight said too. I’m sure this will be fixed soon as it’s a major bug.

Update: customer support said they are working on it.

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Okay. Hope So they will fix this soon.