Has anyone quit their job to just do Fiverr work? I'd love to! Check out my gig!


I’m considering this… Has anyone quit their job to just do Fiverr work? Tell me your story.


Nice work then if you say this.

Good luck with this!


Reply to @madmoo: I’m happy for you. Hope I can do the same. Being able to work your own hours is every mom’s dream.


No… I don’t work for anyone - well not like I have a boss other than myself, the universe and all those who I help, I guess…


Reply to @madmoo: You are really creative and talented and hence been rewarded by the Fiverr community, wish you well


No, Fiverr is my second job. I am trying to save up to buy a home in 2013 so I have to have as many sources of income I can get. Plus I have vision problems so I can’t give up the health insurance


No, Fiverr is just my hobby :smiley:


I quite my job 3 years ago…


no, presently not. But i am trying to boost my earnings on fiverr so that i dont need to do a job. Currently fiverr is my part time income. If God helps, it may be my full time income from fiverr.


Better do two job


Reply to @madmoo: If it’s not secret, what did you sell on Fiverr to earn good money?


I know people who don’t go to any job because they earn a good income from this better than from a job…But don’t know anyone who did quit…


I did quite bidding on other marketplace and working on fiverr


Reply to @deannabalestra: Im just like you, i got my own business and as soon as i gave more attention i started getting more and more sales which got me pretty busy for my own main work, i think if i do a better time planning i can do both and it would so help so much to keep a steady income from fiverr, but i wouldn’t quit my job for fiverr thouh


I really hope to do that … but I need more orders!!! :smiley:


Hi All,

i am new here, join last month get$52 in first month, but now i did not get any order.

Help me

Thanks fiverr




Fiverr it is really amazing, for example I earned more on fiver than I earned as an unemployed here in my country and I am just level 1. I have in plan to become a lawyer in a few months but I don`t think I would give up fiverr. Fiverr is really fun and I would rather spend more money to buy equipment for my studio and make videos for the whole world here when I will afford.(in a few months I hope) I whis you good luck!


I think it would be ok to quit your job but only if you have huge succes here on fiverr! :slight_smile:



Welcome. Good luck!