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Has anyone received this? (Fiverr 365 - official fiverr calendar)

Ordered this on (December 26, 2015) I didn’t receive it yet.
Has anyone received this calendar? No any response from this gig.

How to get this? Even I don’t know how to get it. Lol

The gig is paused, they have 25 reviews and a 1-star profile, with all reviews saying our old friend “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”…yet somehow they’re a top rated seller. This is a rum old do…

It’s probably in the post with the breast cancer t-shirts. Sit tight, buddy.

Why did you even order this? This is exceptionally terrible!

Oh dear. It’s an official thing. https://■■■■■■■■■■■/fiverr/status/683694923653058560 (Official Fiverr Twitter acct and this surprisingly small PR teacup storm)


Go on, look it up. That’s what’s going to happen to your charity donations.

As for the free money?


EDIT: can anyone featured in this calendar share their experience of this farce? There’s 365 of you, so one of you must have looked into this. Inbox me if you don’t want to share publicly.

Today I got this :slight_smile:
As a fiverr seller I would like to keep this on my table :slight_smile: therefore I have ordered, I like it :slight_smile: :heart:
Thank you so much for ordering #Fiverr365 - The page-a-day calendar celebrating the creative Fiverr community!

Your calendar has shipped, and should arrive shortly, if it hasn’t yet.
We apologize for the delay, as we encountered several issues with international shipping.

Please let us know if you have not received your calendar within the next 7 working days.

Thanks again for your patience,
The Fiverr team

Hey, did it arrive?

I wonder what the issues with international shipping were.

Yes of course! But after one month :slight_smile:

It arrived. In February. The cost of shipping was more than the price charged for the calendar. And the whole of the month from June 18 to July 19 is missing. @misscrystal I think that is your answer. The gig was only priced for US shipping, whereas what should have happened was that there should have been gigs for each area of the world, or it should have been made plain that this was only open to US buyers.

Oh well. Let’s see what happens this year, eh? Hope all the artists had their payment - there are some super images in the selection so far.