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Has anyone seen a drop in Gig impressions,views and clicks?

I recently saw a drop in my impressions views and clicks I was getting around 500 impressions before and now it has dropped to 90 this week.Is there any change in the fiverr algorithm for ranking the gigs


Yes, the Fiverr algorithm has changed (and is likely still changing). Many sellers are experiencing the effects of these changes.

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Yeah , @jonbaas Correct :+1:

My impressions are Dropped to 90 From 1000+ Per day. Astonishing :confused:

But what have we done to deserve this?


Because you started to sell in Fiverr :joy:

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Same here :slight_smile: hopefully they fill come up with a workaround soon.

I think its better to rephrase your question to “what haven’t I done!”

Fiverr is simply a marketplace. It’s your duty to follow the 6 step rule:

  1. Have proper gig titles, descriptions and tags.
  2. Feature a professional video and imagery.
  3. Offer a unique, professional service.
  4. Promote your gigs.
  5. Visit the Fiverr Academy to learn more tips.
  6. Search the forum for more awesome tips and tricks.

Best of luck!

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This isn’t astonishing. This just means that competition is getting stronger. If you want to raise your visibility, find ways to out-do your competition. :wink:

this is not the reason my gig is on first page. :dancer:

I don’t understand. What reason is it then, that you feel your gig “is on [the] first page”?

i am not getting impressions and sells as well. i think overall Freelance markets traffic is down. You can check alexa of both upwork and Fiverr. Thanks

Its like buyers are on strike :joy::laughing:

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The Fiverr marketplace is doing just fine. Just because YOUR impressions and sales are down, does not mean that Fiverr is falling apart.

I experienced a two-day period a couple last week where my gig didn’t just drop from the first page, but disappeared in the search altogether. Even when I search my title verbatim it wouldn’t show up. I contacted CS and they told me I was crazy because they could find it, but I know what I saw lol. It ended up back on the first page again, but I still have no answer as to why that happened and I’ve been diligent in making sure it doesn’t happen again.

@jonbaas You are Getting it wrong. I want to say something else.

I don’t think I’m “getting it wrong” at all . And I’m sure there are others that would agree with me. But you are welcome to your own own opinion. If you feel that my advice is inaccurate, I have no interest in forcing you to change your opinion. :wink:

I think what he is trying to say is that overall Gig sales is down. Which in turn is affecting each and every Gig. He is not questioning the platform efficiency just an indication towards Gig Demands…

Same here. From 55k impressions per day to 15K. I believe this is the worst time I had on Fiver from when I began. From having sales every day to 1 per week or none. Hopefully In July things will get better.

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I do not mean to anger people, but it seems that ever since Fiverr started charging that extra buck for service, people seem to be more careful with their money and less willing to spend on Fiverr. Even on buyer’s requests I’ve seen a lot of haggling (something that shouldn’t happen on a website where it’s firmly established nothing costs less than $5) or people requesting you do a tremendous amount of work for only a 5 dollar budget.

I’m honestly down. I am a university professor who took advantage of stable gig purchases during holidays and I even told my colleagues about how I managed to make an extra buck during holidays. Well, a month of my holidays has gone by and I’ve only had two sales, which is the worst run I’ve had on Fiverr since my first year, the hard one, passed.