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Has anyone taken a week of before? Did it effect your ranking?

I need a break. If I take a week of will this affect my ranking?


I’ve some people taking 1 week break and when they are back, they still get orders as usual. I don’t think it will affect your ranking. I may not know better, that’s just what I think.

Like Out of Office mode or you just lengthen the delivery time of the orders so you can still receive orders? It’s a mixed bag, others say that taking time off affected them. I tried being out of office and I still was able to receive similar amount of orders when I came back. Some returning buyers even waited til I came back…

I think it’s important you take a break! :slight_smile:

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I once took a week to go to Cusco in Peru and used the “availability” feature so it showed that I was out until the very day I was arriving.
My flight arrived at 5 a.m. and I received an order at the airport as soon as I turned on my phone. After that my orders continued as usual.

Have a nice break!

I do not like to repeat myself so: :arrow_down:


Vacation mode is the way to go. @vickiespencer has included a link to a useful post.

I’ve used vacation mode five or six times - taking a week off each time. My account took a few days to recover, but there’s been no long term impact. Besides, it is so important to have a break.

All I want to add is that it is important to activate vacation mode at least one gig’s duration before you are actually away. For example, if your gig delivery duration is three days - then activate your vacation mode at least three days before you leave for your break.

This is so important in order to avoid someone buying your gig a few hours or even minutes before you are due to fly away. I won’t fully repeat my story, as I’ve told it a few times in the forum, but my worst ever experience with a buyer in nearly 8 years on Fiverr happened when someone placed an order just an hour before I had intended to turn on vacation mode. It coincided with them being the buyer from hell - truly obnoxious. It caused total stress and ruined the start of a break with my partner.

Taking the above a step further, I would also advise activating vacation mode an extra day / 2 days / 3 days beforehand as well - to help ensure that you have time to focus on any last minute revision requests from existing active buyers. So potentially it means activating vacation mode maybe even a week before you go away - but the peace of mind it brings and the sense of calm is priceless.

Being freelance and working through a platform like Fiverr brings many benefits. However one of the downsides is that you need to be very strict with yourself around taking time off - and take steps to ensure that buyers can’t disturb you with orders and revisions requests.