Has Anyone Talked To Fiverr CS About When The Dust Will Finally Settle?


So, has anyone liked talked to Fiverr CS recently about when things will finally settle or got any response from their social media? Not complaining but all the constant changes in ranking are REALLY starting to get in the way of the user experience. I’ve been thinking about raising my prices but with the way Fiverr is right now I don’t want to risk it.

The last time I edited my gig it was literally removed from Fiverr Search. So, does anyone have like any new info or something?


I tried and got the standard quote about the algorithm testing that was shown on the forums. It’s now been two months for me. I wish we had some updates or clues.


So in short, no one knows and we’re left hanging by the strings of fate?


The last announcement, related to the forum changes, stated that Fiverr was going to be switching the search format away from the current SEO (titles, gig descriptions, etc.), and moving it toward a tag-based search system. The comment within that announcement stated that this would be happening sometime during the next few months.

So… that might be the answer. The dust will likely settle sometime in the next few months.


Well dang, so this is gonna keep happening for at least a few more months.


Yes, most likely (based on what we’ve been told).


Most of us already have tags that are optimized for searches so I don’t see how they can be put in such different places. And most gigs have similar tags if they are in the same category.


I don’t know anything more than we’ve all been told. All I – we – know is that Fiverr is “testing the search system” right now (which is most likely why we keep seeing changes, whether drastic or minor)… and they’ll be making the switch to the tag format in the coming months.

Things are changing – things appear to be fluid, and they will, apparently, be solid once the planned switch to the tag-based format takes effect.

I don’t like being kept in the dark either, but we just have to work with what we have until we hear otherwise. :slight_smile:


So again, has anyone like talked to CS about this? Has anyone even tried?


I don’t know, my position in the search results changes all the time, not now, for the last 18 months, but my earnings remain the same.


I, like you, would always be interested in hearing more news about the changes taking place here on Fiverr, but I doubt Fiverr is going to share anything more about this while things are so fluid.


I got exactly the same answer. And i kinda lost all the “happy thoughts” :confused:


Well…you are a Trusted Seller…so you know…that might have something to do with it.

Let me rephrase what I meant. Has anyone contacted Fiverr Support and asked them? If yes, what was their reply?


Yes I did contact them and got the same reply that they gave on the forum when this was first mentioned, word for word.


Suppose you have 50 sellers with gigs for resumes.

Will they all have different tags from each other? No.

Will all of them decide suddenly “I need to change my tags now since that is what will be the thing that determines placement of gig”? No.


So the waiting game it is then.


No, there hasn’t been any updates on the testing, if they are ongoing/complete/taking a break or whatever.

The thing is, no matter what happens in the coming months, there will likely still only be 48 places on the first page and thousands of sellers seeking to get them. Getting to Page 1 is fantastic for those who get it, that is clear and I have seen the difference myself recently before being moved back down the list…

And that’s the thing to take from this whole “experiment”. You cannot and should not rely on search position. Of course, do whatever Fiverr suggests is important and whatever common sense things you see fit to do but the bottom line is that the odds of ranking on page 1 are stacked against the majority of sellers, so why keep rolling the dice?

Take the steps necessary to at least somewhat guarantee your income by taking the matter into your own hands and IF you get page 1 then take it as a temporary bonus regardless of how long (or short) your good fortune lasts.


I agree with everything you said but the constant changes do make it a risky decision to edit gigs at this point! Most of my orders this month were either from social media or return clients anyway. But even social media marketing has its limits which I seem to be nearing.


We just have to work? How can someone work if he/she don’t have any new order ? How can they have reviews to be in recommended filter if they don’t have new orders or are not show in search results ? If we have ‘to work on what we have’ then we need to have new messages or new orders.
If you are talking to improve the gig, most of sellers has done it. Please accept the truth that this search has affected most of us and don’t give to people copy-paste answers like to work hard or to promote the gigs.


Woah, mate chill. @jonbaas has his reasons and you can turn social media marketing. While I do agree that things are getting worse but don’t vent your frustration out on someone else. BE PROFESSIONAL DAMMIT