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Has anyone tried the new add image extra feature?

Recently, fiverr added a gig extra into categories that involve image (book covers for example). I went to the providers site (I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention their name or not) to check out the images they offered. I chose an image that I’ve used before from another site to do a price comparison and HOLY &%$# they wanted 400 bucks!

When this option showed up on my dashboard I was left with the impression that the images would be available for $10 which is reasonable. Has anyone tried this and if so, are the images $10 or $400?

Well I can see your points, but I haven’t worried too much about profiting from the images previously. I make my money through the creative process. I typically charge 1 gig for an image and spend about the same amount purchasing the image, so 25% doesn’t sound like too bad a deal to me.

I have a problem with it in that if your buyer only has X amount of money to spend, Fiverr has just given them an option to cut you out of some profits. So they choose an image over a different gig extra–Fiver makes more money and the seller is screwed…