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Has anything ever come of a buyer request?

I have sent 3 out so far, and none have said yes. Also, I notice the same ones stay up for a long time. Only reason I can’t say they have never changed is because I’ve only been here 11 days, lol. So let me ask, have you ever gotten a Gig sale because of those? If not, then why not?

I myself have posted gig requests as a buyer and get tons of offers… I choose one (so yes, someone gets the sale) and then I CANCEL the request… something that no one else appears to do. If you don’t cancel the request after you find the seller you want, you will keep getting offers filling up your inbox.

Another thing that happens is the number of requests changes over time and seasonally. So come November, there’s a big influx of requests from people looking for Christmas gifts, for example.

Reply to @blackfolder1: So is the issue that they just don’t cancel them? I mean, I understand casting your net, but to leave it up for a month with twenty something offers seems too ridiculous to be on purpose, lol :slight_smile: