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Has Buyer Requests been updated? Seeing over 1,000 buyer requests


Has there been a Major update, or has Fiverr just had a influx of new buyers, who now need work doing?

I’ve been Freelancing on Fiverr for around 8 months now, and to be honest I never apply for jobs. All my clients come to me. But I was having a look today, and over 1,000 buyer requests. The most I’ve ever saw is around 30, maybe?

Edit: Also, if this is the case, will there not be a problem with new requests, pushing the old one’s down the list? Thus not giving any attention to the old requests, with the potential of buyers missing out?


There are so many sellers on Fiverr that if I do go to Buyer Requests, I do first thing in the morning. I think the Buyer Requests older than today are more than likely already filled. It is just that many Buyers do not close their requests.