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Has Customer Support Abondoned Ship!

Hi Fiverrer’s

I know I’m going to anger the Fiverr G-ds.
But I’ve never had Fiverr customer support pretty much ignore my tickets. The most I’ve ever had to wait is 24 hours not a week. I feel like that guy in the office who’s fired, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Come on Fiverr this is not what I pay you for😤


Hey Steve :slight_smile:

Yeah - CS is overwhelmed at the moment, blah, blah - you don’t need to be told again.

The wait is up to 10 days. Or more.

First thing to do is to check the ticket is still open. Then check it’s been assigned to an agent.

You can try sending an email to with the ticket number and and a request to attend to it in the subject line. That sometimes works.


Overwhelmed as in unwilling to hire more reps. Can you imagine your bank taking 10 days to answer a question :face_with_monocle:


Absolutely, Steve - we asked them to hire more agents. What they gave us is a redesign of the Help and Support page.

Not helpful. Or supportive.


Same here, 4 days and counting.

I’m new. Somehow my address information is incorrect in Fiverr’s payment system so ANY CC I use kicks back the approval. I contacted my CC provider to figure out why my orders were being stopped.

I can’t do any business with anyone on the site until this gets resolved by Fiverr. 18hrs right now over an issue that is a Critical issue?

Frustrating and embarrassing. This makes me worry about doing business on a site with this level of interest in support.

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