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Has December Been Slow For You?


The impression I get is things are okay right now, but don’t expect too many orders between December 16 and January 7. But don’t worry, things will pick up after that. This happens every year on Fiverr. Relax and enjoy your time on Fiverr. :slight_smile:


Yes. It’s been a fantastic year but this month is going very slow. My impressions are less than one fourth of what they have been. I have regular clients though so it won’t be that bad for that reason.


Well, it’s been a fantastic growing year, but seems like it has slowed down since second half of October. My orders got slashed by 50%, even though I have 100% 5 star ratings, around 0.3% cancellation rate. There are always worse weeks, but it’s been six weeks now I don’t get as many orders:(


Got level2 27 of November and after that no orders at all :frowning: