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Has fiverr become a lottery?


I dont want to expose this seller, so I covered some information.

I just want to understand what is happening with fiverr?

This user has just 3 months since started fiverr, now it’s one of the most orders in queue gig in the whole fiverr.

Did fiverr become a lottery?


they may have worked their butt off marketing their gig so that they could succeed. You can’t just sit back and expect money to just come to you, you have to make it happen.


Unfortunately this is no the case if you take a closer look


where on that screenshot can you possibly know that they didn’t market their gig? That they didn’t work to bring in their sellers? Where?


I cant be direct or my post could be closed again, but there is a constant.

it’s not only this gig, it’s not only this category. If you read last posts related to the search system changes you would think different.


I don’t get it either.


Same here. You need to be specific on your accusation and state your evidence. I believe if you are stating the fact people here will be able to support you. If you are just putting up false accusation, then it’s wasting people’s time.

P.S. I am just a buyer looking at how things work here.


Nah - we’re going to need a bit more of a clue I’m afraid, otherwise it’s just a screenshot with loads of stuff blacked out.


I just blacked out the user information.

Take a look on the number of reviews and number of orders in queue, which is getting higher than the best seller in the whole fiverr, just because


I can see that, but can’t see what your point is I’m afraid - just because … what?


Can you be specific and say what you want to say?
The fact that the algorithm of a search engine changes, doesn’t mean his Gig will be bought everytime someone search for Logos…
You’re very random (or jealous)


I am sorry @xuntes, will all due respect and no intention to make you state anything that could cause you trouble, is there any chance you imply that the new seach system promotes relatively new sellers over long term users with greater qualifications? In my own experience (I’ve made a post on that somewhere) I’ve seen an improvement in my gigs’ placement after almost doubling the prices in all packages…


probably this post will be closed again, but anyway.

Try look search a keyword, several days, filter it by ratings, ok?
then compare the search with the categories, and you will see that no matter the performance of any gig, the search is just stuck/frozen, doing the gigs who “won the lottery” be the top on searches getting “all” the new buyers


I’ve been here off and on for quite a while, but with my gig the authors place an order and forget about it. I have about a 45% review rate. Therefore my reviews are lower than my pending queue.


Im not jealuous my friend, I dont even sell in this category, that’s why I used another category to show a sample what is going on on every category


You’re just a time waster if you don’t want to say anything.
Better concentrate in your own Gigs instead of lurking around watching what others do, maybe like this you can also get 100 orders in queue


it’s not just new sellers.

and yes, because I see a 3 star rated gig being in front page when sort it by rating


for any reason, did you just read any post lately related with the search system changes?


so then you agree that a 3.5 starts gig (with only 3 reviews) should be on top of searches when filter it by rating? agree or not, it’s whats is happening

this photo i sent was just a sample, there a several others


We all knew this weeks ago that search was messed up and some have been saying it longer.
What have you done about it to improve things for yourself?

I and others regularly write posts to help people focus on what they can control instead of moaning about what they cannot and the reality is simple, get to work on promoting yourself and if/when the algorithm works for you again then great but until then at least you can keep earning.

PS. I am 16 days into this month and have exceeded my monthly target and by tomorrow will have had my second best month ever on Fiverr. If it continues like this it will be my best month ever. I got a bit lucky with one of my gigs but even without it I would be over my monthly target.