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Has fiverr become a lottery?

well, I dorpped my regular work because fiverr, because my revenues here were awesome.

It’s not only my gig, it’s every well performance gigs, I just use mine as example because I have more information to get based.

You gig didnt change, other didnt too. but why some did jump from nowhere to first place in a single day?
You dont need to agree what I said, but it’s a fact it changed.

Just dont compare your gig without knowing the reality of the others.

We are not talking about incomes here, but about placement related to ratings, as the AVG CUSTOMER REVIEWS filter say :wink:

If you want, send me a screenshot inbox about your incomes and I’ll send mine if you want discuss this. It’s not professional do this openly :slight_smile:

well it’s not fiverr’s fault if you left your job for the instability and the unpredictable nature of freelance work.

you can whine or you can adapt and make it better. Seems like you just want to whine.


did I said it was fiverr fault?

I just want the search system to work right like very search system.

if you fixate a gig on top no matter it’s performance, I’ll be complaining and fighting to get it “fixed”.

I searched out your gig keyword Kindle Book Promotion, and I couldnt even find your gig, which seems to be a good gig. But I see a lot of 2 and 3 stars rated gigs in front.

You maybe could be selling better if in a better position, which right not isnt taking you performance and good deliveries in count.

It’s not on me to accept something I see/believe isnt right.

Look Raphael,
I will answer politely because my father always says that at some point I need to behave like every other girl…
You could have invested your time here by concentrating in your Gig, instead of bringing a discussion that was overcooked in the last 2/3 weeks in the Forums. You’ve maybe missed the Email that Fiverr sent about the search engine issues a few months ago, now it’s like you want to find who’s responsible for this debacle… and there is just one right answer to that.
You may be frustrated, you may be angry… but with that, you won’t find any solution.
@eoinfinnegan gave you a lot of input in that direction, to try to get your Gig on the positions you’ve been used to. Why complain when you need to work more if you’ve said this is your only way of income?
I would move more and talk less… at some point troubles should be fought with action.
Take your time to digest the new situation and come back to battle as we all do.


Thank you for your suggestion.

But did you understand that no matter if we follow all directions it wont help?

I know my gig is one of the best, or I wouldn’t be the 2nd most rated gig in my category.

I see my gig with 4200 rates behind a gig with 3 rates. Mine is 5 start, his is 3.5 stars. You must understand that when mixing low rated gigs and good rated gigs, buyers will stop trying to find a gig. They get “happy” with the first they can find in the middle of a “mess”. IT makes with the top searched gigs has more sales, because nobody wants to search dozen of pages mixed with good and bad gigs till find something.

It’s basic marketing (yes i studied this at university).

Also inside marketing, the first page always sell most. Newspapers are the same with their classifieds.

I’ll do a simple question. when you search some product at an online store, and you click LOWEST PRICES FIRST. do you want to see highest prices first?

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Ok, you have missed what I and others have been talking about over and over.

You need to forget about search - ignore it, imagine it never existed because right now, it doesn’t exist for you!
Now what you have is a product to sell, that product is a highly rated service with over 4000 reviews!
How are you going to sell it? Who wants your service? Where are they? How can you approach them? Use your marketing ability to your advantage and get some clients for yourself, without relying on the search algorithm.
This is a post I wrote specifically about doing this! Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here’s How - UPYOUR

Why not give it a shot?

With this particular seller I completely understand that it's weird having 100 orders in their queue.
Maybe they used social media to boost their gig? Maybe they brought these clients to Fiverr themselves? Why does it have to be a misuse on Fiverr's part?

I agree with you, and I also think it ties in with what others have been trying to say, including Eoin’s post above. EVEN if it was Fiverr and even if search isn’t working right (I believe it isn’t) and even if it didn’t get fixed for ages - that doesn’t change one thing for the rest of the sellers on Fiverr who didn’t win any lotteries.

If you have a good service/product and you find an audience who wants it, it will sell. Our job as sellers to to make sure that our service is good and then make it better. Then we find an audience who wants it and sell it to them, and keep improving that process too. Hopefully Fiverr search can be a part of that process, but if not, there are other ways.


I already did my friend. Or I wouldnt be here.

What I mean is this, a sample my teacher used:
If you place 2 identical marketing campaigns, for 2 different companies, in the same newspaper, BUT one in the first page, and one in the following pages. Do you know which one will sell most? Even being identical, the first page will sell most (one of the reasons of the first page of classifieds be the most expensive one).

The placement is an INTERNAL marketing we have on fiverr, but just some are getting benefited for no reasons. But this is the most important marketing we have, and just some gigs actually can use this.

It’s possible.

For you, right now, it isn’t. It doesn’t have to be for anyone. You can keep punching a brick wall if you want, though.

This user was just A SAMPLE.

you can research other keywords, the result is the same.

Instead just watch a single sample I sent, try you do a test.

Use a keyword and see by yourself the number of orders from those in top search

It’s not the only one but yes this is the most important. You dont need to agree with me, but it’s a fact noted by any marketing school.

Tough luck - you can complain about the system or find a solution. My advice since this whole thing started has been to seek solutions that YOU CAN CONTROL - not Fiverr. That is likely why I have had good sales through this period.

You know, back when you were at the top of search, there were hundreds of other sellers who were not. They found ways to make Fiverr work for them and to make an income. I agree you deserve to be at the top for Avg Rating but the reality is you are not and that hasn’t shown any sign of changing over the past few weeks so focus your attention elsewhere, where it will benefit you!

Correct, one of the gigs had 700 orders in their queue however they also had 20 Thousand reviews…

Is that fair?

Honestly, my best selling gig has been silent for the past 2 weeks. I was hit just like everyone else. I’m basically living off REPEAT clients and if you market your gigs properly with a proper deliver message you can have clients coming back.

There are so many tactics one could use in situations such as now.

yes it is.

Doing a good work is fair to have high number of reviews.

The same here. The problem isnt make them come back, is the OBSTACLE to get new clients and keep growing. You will never grow if you keep just the same clients without new ones. You will just stagnate yourself, and if you lose 1 single client you will start falling

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I just took your test. I based it on one of your first posts.

I searched a keyword, several days, and filtered by ratings. Then I looked at the first gig in view. Here it is:

So, it’s someone with 2500+ reviews and 38 orders in queue. What does that tell me? Not much. The gig has been successful, it has lots of reviews, it has a decent queue that some would even call high, but not hundreds. Enough to make good money. The seller appears to be popular and has mostly good reviews, though not all. And…? I’ll keep doing what works for me and if it stops working, I’ll change it. I’ll never rely on Fiverr search as my sole promotion avenue.

Sorry, xuntes, this is just an exercise in futility. I spent the last 2 hours making money and when I came back to this thread, I found it in the same loop it was in before that. In the meantime, I made $90 while I was off the forum, just doing my thing. I’m out again.

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Successful sellers don’t complain; they do. Be a Doer.

Be proactive. Find ways to do things that improve your level of success, and stop complaining about the things that you cannot control.


Well, I dont know if I can control or not because fiverr CS never gave a feedback about what they were going to do.
To be honest EVERY sugestion (except this one about SEARCH SYSTEM), fiverr support did. The last one if I’m not mistaken was the categories COVERS.

To be hones I dont even think I should be on top, there are better gigs than mine. But I’m fighting to make it FAIR, and let our performance decide it, how it should be.

Fiverr is where it is today mainly because it’s name was related to good services. Now it’s not anymore and you can see a bunch of buyers complaining about this.

I’m just fighting to keep fiverr on top. But for coincidence, in the global rank it’s following the same path ahahahha
But fiverr cant control it

Can everyone look around please, I believe @fonthaunt just dropped a mic :wink:


really, like IN DOERS WE TRUST?

I was a doer, I’m not anymore, and you know why? because it’s just marketing

you also talks too easy, Just do this and done.

Your gig is behind a 52 rates gig, which has 21 orders in queue. Now image if I create a new gig and be on top, then other guy and you gig disappear and stop the orders :slight_smile:

You are not in the same situation