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Has fiverr restricted me from getting orders ? read on

I had this customer come to me and he was trying to order he says he gets error but tried ordering from a different user and it worked fine , so whats going on can anybody share anything with me thanks.

it feels as tho i am restricted and not able to receive orders feels that way now.

customer also said to me

purchased your order twice…it looked like it processed …but then nothing happened. I’m not sure whats going on. Can you send the link again to purchase. Thanks

i said i havnt received no notification or orders.

whats going on

This happened to me twice but I think in a different way.
Buyer placed the order but couldn’t submit order requirements. So the notification appeared in my account as “you have a new order from *** and are awaiting order requirements”. The buyer tried to submit the requirements several times until it eventually worked. The second time it happened I canceled the order mutually and made the buyer order again and it worked.

Is your problem something close to this?

In anyways, I don’t think there’s such thing as fiverr restricting you from getting orders.

no am not receiving nothing not even new order message nothing.
the user apparently maybe lieing , because he is trying to submit some words that are geting blocked by fiverr system such as paypal.

the guy tried to say hil be me direct from paypal.

he wrings like this il pay you direct into p aypal
so am sure this guy knows how the system of fiver words when it comes to detecting words like that.

he maybe wasting my time or lieing either one.

Yes I think this is the case. He’s either lying or is banned by the fiverr team. I advise you not to answer customers when they suggest paying you or contacting you outside fiverr, you’ll risk your account by responding to them.