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Has fiverr stopped penalizing us for accidental orders?

I had a guy order by accident just then…

And he opened the dispute but the cancellation reason was “I ordered by mistake” which I’ve never seen before.

Also, the notice that normally comes up that says “a cancellation can effect your gig ranking” never came up.

I’m pretty certian this was not available as a cancellation reason before?

Maybe I’m jsut being dumb but see here:

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The “I ordered by mistake” is a sentence the buyer entered as their reason for cancelling. You can input any reason there. I think the there is a question that asks why you want to cancel.

As far as I know, all cancellations can affect your gig ranking.

You can always reach out to CS for confirmation, however.

Ah makes sense, thanks. Pointless thread lol.

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Haha. No worries. It’s like that sometimes.

In this case contact the CS with screen capture, asking them kindly to don’t affect your stats. It works 2 times for me.(It would be nice, in this case to don’t affect the stats automaticly, but we have to ask for it…) :+1:


very bad situation, don’t worry it’s accident .go ahead.