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Has Fiverr Stripped Away Your Gig Packages & Not Said Anything?

I’m sick. I mean, really, really fed up with bugs in Fiverr. Yesterday I had someone contact me in regard to one of my real estate video gigs. This was great as one of these gigs is (now possibly was) fast becoming my 2nd best seller. The only problem was that Fiverr for some reason had removed all my gig packages, leaving all three of the gigs in question advertised at $5.

Being busy with something else, I didn’t have time to go back and re-add packages, however, I also didn’t want to start having orders fly in for $5 for work which should really be priced at $10-$30. In this case, I paused all three gigs with the intention of going back and adding packages today.

The only problem? I can’t! I’m stuck back with the old gig set up system, which for these gigs will mean that I now have to go and redo my entire descriptions. Worse, even then can’t present them as well as I would like to.

So, with this, the magically disappearing and later reappearing gig extras on my other gigs, and the response rate bug which I have to keep getting on to Fiverr in regard to, just what is Fiverr playing at?

I pay $5 - $20 per day to use Fiverr. In this case, would something like a “Hi, we’re about to change which categories we permit packages in and some of your gigs might be affected,” be so hard? In fact, the more I use Fiverr, the more bugs I seem to get.

Thanks, Fiverr for yet another needless headache.

Add to the above that I now have a different gig which I deleted months ago now back and active on my profile. Since I don’t have the tools or resources to actually provide the service in question anymore, it might be worth other sellers also checking their current gigs in order to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Same thing happened to me yesterday. Contact CS and explain the situation, they should be able to get your packages back. In my case, I got the same packages as before the bug, didn’t have to go back and re-add them.

Also, at first they told me that packages weren’t available in my gig category (even though I had them up until yesterday), so I sent a snapshot of a few previous orders which clearly had the Packages selected, and CS fixed it for me the same day!

Well, here’s fingers crossed. I have unpaused the gigs in question so that CS can take a look. It’s very encouraging to know that you got your problem fixed so quickly. I just hope that I can get a similar result.

I’m sure they’ll get it sorted out quickly!

It’s frustrating how many bugs we had to deal with recently (or at least, I did) and it’s annoying that 20% of our revenues go towards a platform that is at times barely functioning but at least the CS guys (and gals) always try to fix things asap.

Well, so far I have been politely told that I can easily check for myself to see that gig packages are not available in the category ‘video advertising.’ This and that Fiverr can’t confirm whether they ever will be added to this category in future.

Also, I have checked a few of my competitors who I know had packages previously and they are all gone too. In this case, I think this is a sweeping editorial change (which makes absolutely no sense) that has probably affected 100’s of sellers already. The only problem is, they won’t realize until they start going to edit their gigs in the future because their sales have fallen through the floor.

Way to go Fiverr! The logic behind stripping the value off hundreds (possibly thousands) of gigs overnight and not telling anyone, while seemingly finding it impossible to stop sellers posting in buyers requests is nothing short of astonishing.

Why would they take packages away from a category that could actually probably utilize them and leave them in the stupid writing categories where they have done nothing except make it harder for my buyers to order correctly?

Sorry to kind of hijack this post, but I’m just really annoyed about packages in general. I can’t take my extras off of my gigs, because then buyers who want longer pieces won’t be able to order, and I can’t not have packages, because apparently that kills your search visibility. So I’m stuck with both, which leaves me with like five orders in my queue right now where someone has ordered a package and then an extra that just don’t go together, ensuring that neither I, nor the buyer, has any idea how many words they want/have paid for.

I have the same issues.

Packages on = no orders

Packages off = orders

I don’t even know how to use the packages correctly, to be fair.

Hijack away :). You are right. I still haven’t dared put packages on my bread and butter writing gig. On the writing gigs which I have added them too, my orders died a death and I can’t think of a way to effectively sell writing using packages. In this case, I wish packages were optional. - Okay, Fiverr says that they are but they are not really.

As for packages on other kinds of gigs, my real estate video gigs were the only gigs which packages were working for. It made the order process simple and bumped my average selling price up to $20. - Not too shabby.

However, even though I still offer gig extras, these rarely appear as available to order for customers. In this case, some days I get orders for explainer videos with an extra thrown on for adding someone’s logo, while a few days later this option won’t be available anymore… Then, yes, suddenly the extras are back again.

This is costing me money. In like regard, I too have difficulty interpreting what a buyer has ordered, as the present system doesn’t bleeding tell you which package someone has ordered! I just get something generic like a notice saying that a customer has ordered a full HD extra - like that available with every package I offer!

However, because whether extras appear or not is up to chance and because I have a system now for figuring out what people order, I’ve never bothered complaining. Actually removing packages from an entire category overnight without notice really is something, though. If it’s not a bug, it’s in the least case insensible and rude.

What happens if you change categories…do you get your packages back? A while back I had an issue with a category my gig was in. Since my gig would work as well in another category, I changed categories and problem solved.

Perhaps a response to noticing that sales declined with them? I was wondering when they would to this.