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Has Fiverr taken away the option of LIVE PORTFOLIO from gigs?

Hello everyone,

Its been two weeks now all the orders that get rated in my gig none of them have live portfolio image on. At first I thought like may be buyers are not willing to show their work up that’s why they uncheck the option but I have received more than 15 reviews in last 3 4 days and none of them have live portfolio.

So is there any problem with my gigs or fiverr has taken off the option ???

Do you deliver through a zip folder? Because if you do, your work won’t be shown on your live portfolio. Or perhaps your clients really just unchecked the option…

mine too, no porfolio seem over 1 week

Same here :-?

Hi all, thanks for sharing this. Our team is looking into it.

Reply to @natalieab: Thanks :slight_smile:

Reply to @natalieab: thank, i’ve look around and all people don’t have live profolio for over 10+ days

Reply to @natalieab: mine also is not showing