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Has freelancing given you the opportunity to leave your regular job?

Hi there. Just wondering how many people here were able to replace their regular job with freelancing and how did you do it?

In my case i was doing e commerce before freelancing so all my businesses are online. But yes i have to say that the combination of the freelancing and e-commerce has given me the freedom to not having to work on another 9-5 job :slight_smile: What about you?


Here is my story Celebrating Fiverr’s 10th Anniversary: Success on my Life Circumstances


This is an excellent but long discussion :slight_smile:

to keep it short: I have quit my stable, good paying daily job 2 years ago, i needed to make a living with something I really like to do, and do it on my terms. So I quit with not much savings, lot of risks, got back in my home country where the standard of living is lower, spend 6-7 months out of the two years living with my parents to save more money, and since lately I moved with my girlfriend in a new apartment, so the things are finally coming back to track with freelancing. I am now happy and very fulfilled that I have taken that step. Now it was quite a challenge, but hey.

The main things are persistence and being able to take risks and do almost unbelievable things (not everybody would stand going back to their parents house, but hey, if you do, it can also open possibilities)

There are many people who would argue that you shouldn’t quit your day job, but I don’t agree with that. I think it is better to just take the step and life will find its way if you work on it.


@audioboon Amazing story. And you’re totally right with persistence and hard work things will start to happen. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone since it requieres a lot of bumps on the road and some people are not capable of handling those bumps and give up… Glad you’re comfortable now and hope you keep it up and keep growing. :v:


Interesting story, mate.

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Thank you @pedrito2387