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Has impressions but little clicks and zero orders

I have been on fiverr for almost 4months now. My impressions are high but I haven’t gotten a single order yet. What do I do to get orders?


please share your gig on social media And you can send always the perfect buyer request.
Best of luck

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will try that. Thanks for contributing!


You are welcome :heart_eyes:

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No. Please stop parroting this unhelpful advice.

If she is getting loads of impressions, but not clicks or orders, she has a credibility issue. Posting a gig on social media and sending buyer requests doesn’t change that. She needs to change the fundamental issue, not post her gig everywhere.

If you get sales on social media, it’s because you’re highly skilled at building relationships on social, not posting your gig everywhere.

And “perfect buyer request” means literally nothing. What is the point of saying that? How does that help anyone?


Okay, Thank you. please share your advice with us

Mine too! I get lots of impressions! But no orders yet!

I have shared it and do on a regular basis. If only legitimate advice was parroted more than myths are here.


please share here. I am always hungry to learning

If you need to learn this then why did you give (incorrect) advice about it?

Please read the forum. I’m tired of having to repeat myself because people don’t like to read.

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Yes, everyone always needs to learn

Thanks for your input. I wanted to ask how that would make a difference but

but I didn’t want to be rude


This is the impression you leave when you repeat bad advice here.