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Has out of office ever been broken/failed for you?

I’m a bit confused because this has happened to me multiple times. This morning I remember opening my fiverr app and setting it so that I could get any orders for two days. I logged on a few minutes ago just to check and there were 3 new orders and my account was completely open. Is this a bug anyone experiences or did I just fail to activate it somehow?


Sounds like maybe there is a bug with that on the app and for future OOO times, you may want to sign into your account on a pc to be sure it is set right.

That has to be annoying though, to think you will have a few days off and come to see 3 orders! I wonder if you could use the Resolution Center and explain to your buyers the situation and ask for an extension so you can still be OOO for the time you initially had carved out for yourself.