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Has Social Media Assisted In Improving Your Business?


I am curious to know if being on Social Media assisted the improvement of your business?


Social medi is a instrument , you can use it for good as well as bad things, it depends on you, how you take help from it.


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@jamat222 I forgot to mention use social media to your advantage. Everyone and their mama, papa, sister, brother are using it, so utilize to your benefit, especially for business.



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By now most of us are familiar with social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+,Twitter, etc. Many people and companies will tell you that social media will solve your business and marketing problems. Let me answer that right away. It won’t! Yes, social media is a great marketing tool that has provided a new way for businesses to communicate with their current customers. That’s right, I said current customers! Remember, to generate new customers, you have to be in front of them when they are searching for your products and services on Google.

Social media is, simply put, one small piece of the larger marketing pie. Social media should be integrated into your online marketing and branding campaign. It can also generate some great results and lead to new customers if managed and marketed correctly. Understanding social media and its implications on your business are keys to your overall marketing and branding success.

Why use Social Media?
Awareness for one… :smiley: Some social media sites like Facebook allow you to create a business profile that users can connect with, showing that they “like” or are interested in your business and services. Though there can be a time commitment for you to create, monitor and maintain these accounts, the long-term benefits can result in new customers.

The key to using these social media websites and creating a following is not necessarily determined by how much you post or respond to comments. It is the quality of what you share that will create a buzz on your social account. Interested readers that follow your post can click on the link to your website and later arrive in your exam room or chair as a new customer.

Social Media Marketing Methods
Videos can be displayed on your website to provide the additional professional information in a personalized format. Facebook & Twitter allow you to post interesting comments or information that can create noise about your medical team and your business. Whether you want to convey a new product, service, a change in hours or a new location to your current customers and people following you, it is a very convenient tool.

Blogs are another way to connect with current and potential customers. Think of a blog as an interactive article that can grow and receive comments where you can reply. Once again, there is a time commitment involved with maintaining a blog but the results can equal increased customer flow and increased revenues. There are numerous examples of how individuals have grown their businesses tenfold through blogging and social media.

Social Media Services
Social media websites can help you post articles, or newsletters and coordinate the use of several media tools like videos. Example; twitter accounts, “tweets” are short but can entice readers to connect to your blog which can lead them to your website and eventually to your customer list.
It has been suggested that the medical field is often the last to get on board with changing marketing formats. The good news for businesses that utilize social media and online marketing is that they will reap greater rewards in growing their business and separate themselves from their competition.


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Only thing I want to add when it comes to the use of SM ist checking out Garry Vaynerchuck. Read his book ‘Jab Jab Jab Right Hook’. You see, it is not about using SM, but using it the right way. Every SM platform is like an instrument that one has to learn how to play. Owning a guitar makes nobody a guitar player, learning how to play it makes.

Personally I keep my activities on Fiverr totally out of my SM.


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How do it with my business?


Big hint here - you design logos. Where could you find lots of businesses who might be looking for logos? Which social media platform works really well for images such as logos where you could show off your samples?