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Has something on Fiverr changed? Sales very slow!

Does anyone know if Fiverr have changed their algorithm or something? Over the last year I would get at least a new order ever couple of days but over the last month my sales have been very slow and now they seem to have come to a stand still.

This is very unusual for me so I would like to look into this further. I have noticed that over the last 30 days the number of impressions my gig is getting is significantly lower than usual - which would suggest my gig isn’t coming up for customers to find as easily anymore and in turn resulting in low/no new orders. I have all positive reviews and always deliver on time so I know it can’t be to do with that.

Just wondering if something has changed at Fiverr’s end? Hopefully things will go back to how they were soon!


I have had the same experience for the last couple months.

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I emailed Fivverr about this, just asking for some advice on why no orders are coming through now and to see if something has changed their end.

They DELETED my account without any explanation.

Something fishy is going on! I’m tired of wasting my time with Fiverr now, they used to be a great place to sell my services but in recent months they have got too big for their boots!

I’m joining other freelancing sites as we speak as I’ve got no time for them anymore!

Any updates, promopup? Did your account get restored? (I’m guessing no, I can’t find it) Or any word why?