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Has the Brexit vote affected sales and the amount of money sellers earn?

I’m pretty sure it’s apparent what the Brexit vote has done to the financial markets but has it actually affected anyone here?

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I remember gigs costing £2.55 and now it’s £3.55?

Oh well, thanks UK!!

All this so David Cameron could win an election. Enjoy the fallout. Of course it’s going to affect global markets. Everyone gets screwed because of… ugh. I’m getting a new nationality and passport. Britain, unless it ignores this idiotic referendum, will not exist in some years from now.

I’m not bothered about the gig prices. They’re still $5. It’s just a load of old toss to add onto the other old toss.

I only deal in $ here. Outside of Fiverr I have clients I invoice in Euro based on the exchange course $ and €. I always have a security buffer in my calculations so I don’t have to raise the prices immediately when the exchange course is changing.

People in the UK working in dollars make more now :slight_smile:

It seems to be helping my sales. There has been a sudden jump.

Ah well, look at Greece! In 2007 because of them the world economy was falling apart. They are still there and we are still going along fine.

Not quite, as of right now, 100 pounds are worth $132.35.

I can sell a gig for £3.73 now, before it was £3.46 lol So yeah, can make more :slight_smile:

Well, I can say with some degree of certainty that Brexit affected the England football team. LOL. :smiley:

I live in Canada, and the Canadian dollar has fallen quite a bit against the US dollar - it’s down to 1.30 or 1.31 against the US dollar, which isn’t nice at all. But fortunately, I get paid in US dollars, so after converting to Canadian, it’s like I’m making $5.21 per every basic gig sold even after Fiverr takes their 20%. As far as sales go, I’ve noticed a small decrease, but it’s not much to talk about.

Might be a good time to visit England :slight_smile: cheaper lodgings

hahahahaha–everything’s already overpriced in the UK, and that’s only going to get worse!

Haven’t noticed any change on fiverr but my offline business has been affected as i get allot of supplies and spare parts for tools from the UK. Atm everything is dirt cheap but if in the future i have to start paying customs fees and import taxes then i just have to take my business elsewhere.

Yes, I love how George Osbourne is now saying that higher taxes and tougher austerity are on the way. Meanwhile, Mr Farage and Big Bird have quickly scurried away out of the limelight after quickly saying, “err, actually there won’t be any extra money to pump into the NHS, cya!”

As for visiting the UK @Misscrystal, I really wouldn’t burden yourself. The English village in Epcot (Disney Land) is much more civilised and in line with most people’s idea of the UK.

The reality is a land beneath a perpetually grey sky, the ever present risk of being assaulted by 14-year-olds trashed on cider, and a public transport system which you would have to mortgage your first born child to be able to afford to get around on. (Also even then you’re not guaranteed a seat).

Of course, not everywhere is like Detroit on steroids, My personal advice, though, would be that people looking to visit the UK should save and wait a few years until places like France are offering scenic flights over what’s left of the country. This way you will be able to watch the orcs queuing up outside Booze Busters and Greggs from a safe distance.

The leave campaign took the front page of the site down very quickly where they had posted all their rubbish & now Osbourne has come out and stated taxes, and interest rates are going up. The half wits who voted for this will find they are the ones who will suffer. I have NO sympathy for these people. They are terminally stupid and will soon be terminally broke as well. They will probably find a way to blame the EU and foreigners for that as well.

just look at this to see how terminally stupid most of these people are.


the last comment thought sums up the brainless, bigoted, blinkered, xenophobic view of why people voted to leave. if the leave campaign had a poster boy who really represented what they were about it would have been Alf Garnett.

Why can’t they have a do-over?

Sometimes I wonder, when I get a British client, is he paying in pounds? I know I’m getting paid in dollars. If it’s a basic $5 gig, I know I’ll be getting $4 regardless of where the buyer comes from. I wonder how Fiverr deals with the currency conversions.

No wonder the rest of the EU wants us to go immediately! Shame really…

haha It would hardly be a democracy if every time there was a result that some people didn’t like you just re-did it, it would get re done over and over forever :stuck_out_tongue:

The vote to leave was a protest vote for most. Big things are happening world wide as a result whether it be good or bad.

It goes to show how much influence this tiny little rock really has lol

Oddly enough, isn’t that what democracy is? Every so often there is a vote, and people vote for whoever they like. In the UK 5-year electoral cycle, that’s fine.

This was a historical referendum which was advisory rather than a “vote”–despite what our corrupt fourth estate might have you think, and one only has to look at the chaos that has descended as the vultures in the houses of parliament fight each other.

If the people who had voted had enjoyed a more sane campaign on both sides, we would have elected to stay. As it was, it was a victory for xenophobia, racism and ignorance–and all the leaders of that campaign ran away once they realized what they had done.

Democracy my arse. Oligarchy’s what it is.