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Has the Pay Cycle Gotten Longer?


I’m not sure if this is the correct place for this. If not, please move it. When I first joined a year ago & for some months after that, it noted the date I’d be receiving payments. Several months ago that stopped, so, I guess they dropped that feature. For awhile, I had funds available everyday. Even though I have more work now & am having orders marked as completed most days, it can be a week or so between payments. I’ve contacted support, but, haven’t gotten a response. It’s frustrating to see the money in my account building & yet not being able to access it. Anyone else finding that it seems like it’s taking longer for your funds to clear?


I don’t believe it’s any longer.


Hi, MM. Thanks for letting me know about hovering the cursor. Even if the cycle is still the same, I’m not sure why it’s taking longer between payments, since, I’m receiving more projects & having something marked completed most days. If we weren’t depending on every cent, it would be easier to wait for it.


The reason is that if the orders are autocompleteing instead of being completed by the Buyer, then you will need to add another 4 days to clear. It takes 4 days for orders to autocomplete, then the 14 days start to count after that point.


I sometimes wonder that too, but I guess it has to clear as well.


Think of it like a job in that, when you work for a company, in many cases, they pay you bi-monthly. SO that is 14-16 days in between payments, depending on the month.

The difference here is only that each thing you do, starts the cycle. You will get your money, it just is a cycle.


A long long long cycle or you can find something to spend the money on right away on Fiverr.