Has there been a fall in logo design buyer requests recently?


Hi People,

I’ve been little away for couple of weeks. I experienced an unfortunate thing that very less like 4-8 logo requests were available which used to be around 30-50 per day. I don’t know If I’m the only one who’s experiencing it.
Can you guys confirm please?

Thank you Guys!


Because of fast evolving technology. People can now create logos for free, on their own (fill, drag, drop, etc). Even what was before paid / premium designing softwares or tools are now being offered free.
Guess what ? One can now even create an app (Android app) on his (her) own WITHOUT any coding /programming skills, using app builder tools (like for websites, you have sitebuilder).
So, technology is enabling people to do a lot of stuff easily by themselves without deep knowledge of designing, coding, programming, etc, etc. There is also a lot of automation now within the IT domain and where 10 people were doing a task, now 2 people can do the same task better and faster.


Thanks for responding. I just meant to ask whether it fell here on fiverr for real or it’s just me who’s experiencing it?


I have seen other logo sellers, as well, here mentioning about lower sales.


This is true. But there will always be a need for skilled designers who actually know what they’re doing. Joe Schmo still needs a professional who knows how to make a GOOD logo that captures the attention of their desired customers. Just because the average someone has the ability to create their own logo, doesn’t mean it’s a good logo.