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Has there been any problems with fiver today?


I made a purchase this morning, but whilst doing this the site was up and down, I eventually made the purchase and I

got a paypal receipt.

but there is nothing in the “my activity” or orders, I have raised a support ticket but no reply ?


There are several problems today with Fiverr: missing conversations, disappeared todo list, orders we can’t access and deliver, tips feature broken…




I don’t know; what I can tell you is that many of these bugs have been reported and Fiverr team is working to fix them (many are already ok)…


I can’t see my gigs when I go to my profile page, only my best seller and my reviews. Also if I look at other sellers’ profile pages, I can’t see their gigs either - does anyone else have a similar problem?


Reply to @offlinehelpers:

Yes, now that you mention it… I am experiencing the same.



Wait for Customer Support to respond, it can take awhile. It's against the Fiverr ToS to dispute anything via PayPal. Unless your gig is insanely, life-threateningly, super-urgent, patience will serve you well. Fiverr is having issues today, but they will be sorted out.


Reply to @offlinehelpers: Me too. I think everything will be fine in the next 2-3 days.


I had the same problem, & right across a delivery deadline. As a result the buyer, videoxpz, received their order late. The buyer has been really good about it though.

It should be noted that even though uploaded the work yesterday, and again today, the job is still listed as ‘not complete’ in my To Do list.


Problem is still there. The site is quite content to take my money, but it is not acknowledging that the gig has been ordered. Instead, the gig is still in my “shopping cart” with a pay-now button, and the money is sitting in my Fiverr account.


Reply to @jonbaas:

I thought I was going bit daft - glad it was the system and not me!


Reply to @catsquirrel:

As an update, I ended up “ordering” two of the gigs (I’d only wanted to order, one at the time) and was unable to pay for one of them. Of course, I didn’t want to cancel the second one, because that would be bad for the seller and he had done nothing wrong.

So I contacted Customer Service and explained what had happened. In that correspondence, I expressed the preference for paying for the stalled gig, in order to avoid a penalty to the seller.

I also left a note for the seller, letting him know why the other gig was stalled. Apparently, he requested a mutual cancellation of the stalled gig, and then CS cancelled it. The CS representative sent me a note assuring me that the seller would not be affected by the cancellation in question.

Although I can’t imagine that any of you really care about this little drama, it seemed unfair to leave it unfinished.