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Has this happened to anybody? What should I do?

I just completed a gig that I am so disappointed with the outcome of. I feel discouraged and like walking away from what I was previously so passionate about.

The further I think about it I feel like I was retaliated against. I had a gig and was communication was good between the buyer and I. Expectations felt clear. The order included a free revision and when I submitted the order early today, I mentioned that I would be happy to promptly adjust as requested. The buyer marked order as complete and provided a substandard review, not providing the opportunity for me to revise. Although we agreed he’d be reviewing the order and providing feedback, his justification for the poor review included that I require reviewing.

Here is the twist. Last night he asked for an alternate form of communication, saying the word limit with messages was a hassle. I replied that if he had a creative idea other than email, phone or skype to let me know because all three are prohibited and I wasn’t willing to have my account closed.

I think it is obvious what happened at this point and want to know what I should do about it. This is only my second review and I am so down about the whole thing.

Any responses will be greatly appreciated!

Honestly, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You have a 97% positive rating. This is good and I’m sure it won’t really affect you much.

When I read it, the first thing I see is that you are quick and enthusiastic and also Delivered as promised.

Hang in there, it’s early days yet :slight_smile:

Arden :heart:

If I were you, I’d remove my review and leave only the buyer’s review… Just saying.

Correct me if I’m wrong - I thought that the “revisions” option is there just in case there is an uncertainty. It is always a certainty that the buyer wants a product without spelling errors. The “revisions” option is there to assure the buyer, I believe, not to give you an opportunity to correct a mistake after you have already delivered the product. That being said, you received a great review! I agree that you should delete your response to that review.

One thing I wonder about is your statement that you had agreed on him providing feedback and that you “require reviewing.” What do you mean by these? It sounds odd to me to require things like this. I’m not sure CS would back you up on those and I don’t see them in your gig description.

The review he left really wasn’t that bad at all. Although it would have been nicer if he had let you correct it, you didn’t deliver as-described. I think to guarantee perfection means immediate perfection and zero basic errors. Now, I write and am good at it, but I’m not an editor and I don’t ever guarantee perfection on delivery. My writing gig (paused) promises a very good draft on delivery. I have a $10 extra for pre-proofed delivery so I can take $10 of extra time on re-writes or pay to outsource to an editor before delivery. Since you said perfect, though, your buyer left a decent review for not perfect.

Last, if a buyer ever suggests breaking ToS you have to make fast decisions. Some sellers cancel, some just notify Support, but it’s risky to ignore it and deliver.

He’s an asshat. Gives you a pissy 4.5 star review and then asks you to break TOS by contacting him offsite.

If this was just a $5, refund him and tell him never to darken your door again and stop being such a precious cheapwad.

Use more polite language than I have!

What were the 3 small errors he mentioned? He should have sent it back to you to correct before the review. This is just me but I would expect a professional writer to not give something with spelling errors. Do you have word processing software? They correct spelling errors.Was it for $5? Offer him a refund.

I don’t think she could be more polite than you, No chance. :smiley:

Is he the bad guy only because he did not use revision opportunity? If he had dropped that review for one of my initial orders, I’d consider him the good guy because he did those little changes himself and left that decent review so that I am careful in future. Seriously, I missed that - what is substandard?

4.5 stars is still a great review. I’d just let it go, change my review just to say that if he had issues with the content, he should have utilized the free revision that comes with every order, and forget about it. Do not offer him a refund. You did the work and he does not deserve to get his money back and have the content. The review is not bad and to be honest, I’d wager that about 5% of buyers actually look at the text of reviews, rather than just looking at your overall score.

“I feel discouraged and like walking away from what I was previously so passionate about.”

Welcome to Fiverr! Come in, we have food and drink. No actually, we don’t have anything for you. Get back down in the cellar and toil, peon!

Thanks, that’s encouraging and I appreciate your perspective!


That’s good input as well, I am having some difficulty in accomplishing that, but am working on it, thanks again!


okay, I guess I had misunderstood the revision option to mean if the buyer want anything changed I would revise accordingly. Thank you for the clarification, much appreciated!


Thank you for your input, I will be sure to consider these points moving forward.


I do have the software and did proof the document multiple times before submitting. Upon reviewing again, after the fact, I was unable to identify the errors he spoke of so am unsure what he was referring to.
Thanks for your input.


Thank you for your input. I like the approach of just letting it go, that is my natural way of navigating through life so appreciate the reminder to apply that to this situation, too!


I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand the feedback/input you are providing here. Your clarification will be appreciated.


All sorts of complex characters are lurking on Fiverr. Eventually, you’ll have to work with a few.

I think glitchfool was just making a joke about that fact.