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Has this happened to anyone?


I have an order from a seller that is in the same category as me. They have a 67% rating and the message I received from them did not give me the info I required to complete the job. Haven’t heard back yet, but this is recent. My order completes in less than 24 hours.

My questions is, has anyone had someone buy a fiverr just to sabotage the competition. I know this seems like it’s straight out of paranoia land, but seriously, anyone ever have this happen?


Nope, but you arent paranoid. It is a possibility. Whats the old saying “You arent paranoid if they are really after you” or something like that.


I am in the process of dealing w. a bad customer to, he wants my extras done but only paid for one gig. He got nasty but I did offer to tweak the order as needed, sos I guess like children we are taking this to mean tweak w.o. paying extra! grrr


Thanks for the responses!


I haven’t had it happen to me personally, but I think it is something that happens from time to time.

If this is what ends up happening, I am sure customer support will be on your side and help you out.


It’s happened to me before, they are basically just waiting to give you a negative feedback. Contact support ASAP


Reply to @empowerim: You don’t know that for sure. It’s possible, but it is not clear that is what is going on.

I would wait and see how it goes first.


So it’s official. The person that bought my gig refused to give me any info and I could not complete my gig. Fiverr gave me my nasty message and now I feel like a failure. Jokes :). Is there an e-mail or someone I can contact about getting this negative mark removed from my account. This is pretty ridiculous. Trying to make a honest living…


Thanks, madmoo! Great help :slight_smile:


It will take a lot of money to get my reputation down the dirty way, and gig sample tell it all. Honestly everyone here has been good to me… but even if they do that, I will give them back negative feedback and report them to support, likely they will give the offensive one a warning.

Fiverr support actually very helpful (but the system is not, it cached heavily and often show older information and statistics)


Reply to @foggyflute: Ohh foggyflute just LOOK AT YOUR ART! You could have 20% positive rating and I still would hire you. wow.


@jackstack and others. It never happened to me yet but I am sure it can easily happen. and I think that when you smell a rat, you should correspond with the chat nicely and politely requesting the needed info, and at the same time contact support discretely and ask them to look into what’s happening. I am sure that when they are convinced that you are dealing with a cheat, they will close their account and refund them without you being penalized. :)]


UPDATE - I just wanted to give you guys the update on my FIVERR experience so far. I am most likely dealing with all these issues because of the nature of my Fiverr (Posting Ads on Craigslist). I have had 5 orders so far. I went above and beyond for every order, even reposting several times because they were taken down. I pre-warned the buyer of these chances and asked them to cancel but they said don’t worry and do it anyway.

I have had ONE payment of five. TWO buyers I never heard from again and did not complete the order. TWO refused to pay. Both of those buyers possibly the same one were advertising GET RICH crap on their ads.

Needless to say, there needs to be a better system in place for SELLERS to REFUSE ORDERS before they start them. It’s just not worth my hard work and time if I’m not going to get paid.



Can you block someone from buying your gigs on Fiverr? That would be nice.


When I was first featured on the blog, than subsequently made the first super seller, I had a few orders come in, leaving generic negative feedback, not even related to my gig, things along the lines of “SCAM” “DO NOT ORDER” etc - they’ve been removed now, and I do believe Iw as being “gunned” for


I’m just going to stop worrying about them and try to build my portfolio up. It’s just a pain in the butt when every other order you don’t get paid for it.


Reply to @jackstack: If you wanted you could make it clear in your gig that you won’t do the “get rich quick” or similar types of postings because they are likely to be taken down from Craigslist. That would be the best way of handling it.

The two who you haven’t heard from - the order will auto-complete three days after delivery so you will be paid for them eventually.


I also have a open order with one customer, i delivered what i promised . He said i am not satisfied give me some more, i gave him thrice what my gig offers, but now he is demanding for more. And saying that he will leave a negative feedback that can ruin my ratings. What to do in such cases?


Reply to @just4youall:

In this case, I would contact customer support. There is only so far a buyer can push the “unsatisfied” line.

Or, you can put your foot down and say no more. If the buyer does leave a negative, I would be surprised if Customer support wouldn’t intervene - however, it may be safer to contact them first.


I haven’t had a bad review from a buyer, but I get people who will message me and ask a question then mark it as spam alllllll the time. If i ever respond to a gig request on the side- i’d say 1 out of 3 gets me marked as spam so I can’t send anymore messages for the rest of the day. I don’t even say the same thing in the messages, I ask how i can help them specifically with their issue, and let them know I’m happy to help if they haven’t found anyone else, and probe a few questions to see what ideas they have floating around. It’s pretty annoying to be honest especially just trying to start out. I rely on the request to try to make my work and presence known and get at least SOME feedback.