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Has This Happened To You Online At All?

Twice in the past week I have been spammed by Fiverr Sellers on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

I’ve told both of them that what they are doing is a Fiverr ToS violation.

I’ve reported one to Fiverr CS.

I’ve blocked both from all of the accounts of mine they have appeared on.

While I would not normally be bothered by this (hey, if you have a question about Fiverr you want to ask me because you think I have some ideas on how it works here, fine - but don’t invade my online space) I find it a tad annoying that the contact being made is not a “hello, can I ask you something” but instead, is a link to their Gigs and a note to contact them for any of their services.

Here’s the funny (strange) part.

If you have gone to the trouble to find me on other social media platforms, that’s kinda cool.

What’s not cool is trying to sell me the same services I provide and also sell on Fiverr.

I guess what I’m getting at is, while it’s a bit strange to be “stalked” online, what makes it sort of silly is to try to pitch a product I don’t need.

A Red Flag for me is when someone starts following me on Instagram and then likes the past dozen posts I’ve made.

Dead giveaway there.

Have you been “hunted down” by a new Seller at all and have experienced anything like what I’ve described?

I’m just curious.


Nope. No one’s ever contacted me regarding Fiverr through my social media accounts.

I have different usernames for my social media and my Fiverr account, so it’s almost impossible for people to find my social media accounts.

I also don’t advertise my services anywhere.

That would definitely be troubling! Hopefully it doesn’t lead to anything dangerous.