Has trouble with my Fiverr account while using Mac OS?


It took me 5 days of waiting to verify my account on Mac OS. I’ve mailed to the customer support team and they helped me a lot but still can’t verify on Mac OS. I had to switch my account to a Windows computer and things went well, I got my account verified. But I can’t buy a new computer so after verifying I still use my Mac.

I just feel worry about other features of my account.

Do your account have problems when using Fiverr on Mac OS?


I use Mac! But never face any problem! May be something was wrong with your browser.


What kind of browser do you use?


Google chrome! I think fiverr also recommended it!


Using a website shouldn’t have anything to do with your OS. Unless you have some sort of restrictions enabled. Are other websites working correctly?

Website functionality depends on your browser, so there shouldn’t be any issues no matter what computer you use.
If there are specific things you notice aren’t working, you can report the bug to customer service.