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Has Your Buyer Requests Dropdown Wording Changed?

I’m really curious how many people this applies to and if it’s based on location or what. Mine still says plain old Buyer Requests. What about you? Votes are public, but feel free to comment on what yours says and where you are located if you want to satisfy my curiosity.

  • My Buyer Requests dropdown chioce has changed to Send Quote
  • My Buyer Requests dropdown chioce still says Buyer Requests
  • I am a Buyer Only so this doesn’t really apply to me
  • I don’t know what this poll means

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Mine is changed. I’m in SE USA

So, after reading the votes so far and your comment, I have no clue why it is changed for some and not others. :smiley: In Texas it is unchanged. I prefer the new name, so I hope it goes site wide unlike the last time they changed it and then changed it back.


Mine is Buyer Request… I´m from Venezuela :smiley:

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Mine is Buyer Request… in Canada

Maybe it’s a progressive feature that rolls out slowly from country to country or some other criteria :thinking:

Although a name change doesn’t feel like a feature per se…

Mine is changed maybe 2/3days ago.

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Selling: "Send Quotes"
Buying: “Get Free Quotes”

Location: Canada


Thanks for that! Mine as a Buyer hasn’t changed either, so I didn’t even know that they had updated the buyer side for the special people.

Yup, I thought I’d include it because everyone was discussing the “Send Quote” change and not the Buyer side change.

Is it just me or does the “Get Free Quotes” sound confusing?


It does sound a little confusing. I’m thinking maybe they wanted to be sure that it was something a seller would not click on. Confused sellers that see the old “Post a Request” under buying might interpret that as the place to post a request for a buyER. Maybe Fiverr thought if it send “Get Free Quotes” no seller would want to give something for free, so they just won’t click it. I think it could be better, but I’m too tired to think of how. :slight_smile:

Or simply remove it entirely from those who are only sellers. Not necessarily an ideal solution but could greatly help the BR mess epidemic(?)

:slight_smile: It’s almost 2am here Zzz